Last few months.

We should all write a lockdown diary, though we don’t have to call it that. How else would you remember this unique time, because memories do fade. Today’s normal will be history tomorrow and these times are worth remembering. Here goes my rambling…

Dingle & Ring of Kerry – Wild Atlantic Way 2

Blessed are the curious, for they will have all the adventures! Some folks might wonder why I’m posting a pending post from a previous trip, now, at the time when there is no imminent travel on the horizon, for anyone. As I see things, now is the time to keep hopes and morale up, now […]

Hi there,

We recently came across the german word ‘Gemütlich’ – translated as feeling of warmth and amiability to all, which usually describes my state of mind as I publish a much pondered post. We are a Generation X couple, living a Uber cool life in a hot city where we expertly juggle our jobs, an increasingly […]