5 (& some more) ways to enjoy Paris, in a non-touristy way:


1. Slow down.

Whether you’re there for two days or two weeks, unless you slow down your pace.. you won’t absorb the beauty of this splendid city. Rather than ticking all major attractions in two days, try to walk without agenda, or pick up a cycle/ Velib.


In the long term, the most vivid memories are made of moments when we stood and stared.



2. Span the Seine.

Spend half a day or evening, strolling along/ sitting by the banks of River Seine. And you’ll want to grab a canvas and start painting. It is so gorgeous!

From the many characteristic bridges that span the placid river, the ferries going to and forth, the magnificent trees with camouflage trunks that dot the banks, locals just goofing around or practising parkour.. you would fall in love with the city.



Tip..You should stop to give a random romantic kiss to your partner… after all it’s the city of love 😉



3. Visit a Boulangerie.

Get up early to visit a local boulangerie.. go gaga over the aroma of freshly baked bread and get that perfect baguette for breakfast!…And do remember to “Saw”, not “Squish” the Baguette, while slicing!



4. Visit the supermarkets

… and you’ll feel like a local, going through the daily routine of picking up breakfast or dinner.



5. Little things in life.

With the kids, a must do is a carousel trip around the gardens. We all know that the little innocents are most happy with most basic things. Yes they will remember the Eiffel Tower, may be the lit up pyramids in the louvre courtyard at night, but most of the carousel rides, and the ice- lollies!



5. Visit atleast one local market

…on a market day. Of course this needs planning as these happen on particular days; the well known in Paris, being the Bastille. Even if you’re not planning to cook your meals.. the sheer freshness of the produce blows the mind and one gets tempted to buy this and also that.



6. Always keep yourself hydrated = Have enough wine! 

The Wine That Speaks!



7. Culinary Escapade

This IS the Foodie haven of the world! There is simply so much to sample and learn in terms of culinary lingo!


If it’s your first time or the umpteenth time, try out thefood passport


It’s simply a way of introducing a traveller to the best of Parisian/ french delicacies.. while taking you around on a self guided tour through the best parts of the city! As is mostly the case, when hubby introduced this topic.. I was not so keen considering it another touristy trap. But as is “always” the case, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only does one get to sample the local delights.. macaroons or merveilleux or Navettes…oh yes I’m showing off… but visiting parts of the city which one might not visit otherwise. It was a fun thing to hold a map, deciding what we wanted to sample in which part of the city, take a metro ride, and then out looking for that quaint little shop, tucked in a corner!


Bonne journée!

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Medical professional’s by occupation and explorers by heart for all things exotic, be it food, fads or faraway lands. “Sri” is the vagabond husband, whose passion for exploration knows no limits. He loves trip planning almost as much as the travel itself and could really pursue this as a carreer! Every trip is unique, meticulously planned and researched to the D, by Sri to accommodate the littlest whim of the youngest member and the craziest fancy of DW. Ruchi is the partner in crime, stoking the embers of restlessness and egging the hubby to plan the next one! And to pose graciously and get clicked. We love nature and though we land in a big city always, we quickly drive out to the country! This blog aims to be a compilation of our travels (not wanting the memories to fade), our experiments with foods and beverages ;) and sharing everyday novelties of life...especially with an adventurous young tyke amidst us! Also, a catalogue of our travel pictures. Most of the trips have been as a couple but we decided long before conception, that travel can never stop. So post the baby, it was the the baby carrier which was an essential item on the travel list which has helped us traverse the underground caves in vietnam, bylanes of bali, sauntering in the central park or hiking in the Swiss Alps! And then there are the Fockers...both sets of in-laws, who have been our travel companions on some of these journeys which makes things even more interesting while balancing everyone's tantrums! We hope these pages can inspire some of you guys to get out of your comfort zones, rent that car and go vroom….

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