Mumma, Guess why I Loved Chicago?!

This November (of 2018), we made a whirl-wind trip to Chicago, for work. Of course the little one accompanied us and we took turns attending conference and entertaining the little one.  We all wear the traveling pants in our family, and Mr little pants who is already a pro-traveller contributed to travel planning this time, voting for things he wanted to see/ do /eat in Chi-town. 

This post has been based on our little one’s inputs, as have been penciled down in his Travel-journal. He contributed to the trip planning, voting for top things “he” wanted to do in Chicago and once back home, clearly stated what he did and did not enjoy!

Ice Skating: 

“I wish we could skate everyday back home, I’ll get so much better with practice “.                                                                                         No surprises there, as he was thrilled at the end of this tryst. Considering that we, the tropical dwellers do not usually engage in this sport,  and little one has no skating/ balancing skills, the enthusiasm that he showed to try his hand (oops, feet) at ice skating was commendable. Through the week, we passed by the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink (at the Millennium Park), numerous times, dreamily ogling at the skaters. Both me and the little one were keen while daddy was speculative (having earlier torn his ACL in a freak injury). Anyhow, the last evening, few hours before our flight back home, we gave-in to our instincts and queued up to rent skates. Daddy dear was kind enough to also gear up, helping the little one by the perimeter. Despite tumbling a dozen times while balancing the act on the edge of a skate, the little one was all smiles and never once gave up.

Field Museum: 

“Wow, mum, Sue was amazing, not at all scary” Sue had already charmed the little one’s heart long before the trip! A Dinosaur enthusiast from the very beginning, he marveled at the chance to view the largest, most complete T-Rex skeleton in the world! Cherry on the topping was  the giant Titanosaur, nick named Maximo, the largest dinosaur discovered.  Along with him, even we were dazed by the fact that there have been about six “Mass Extinctions” on our planet till date. Makes one wonder, as to when would be our turn?!

The Tilt:

The Tilt was amazing and the view was so awesome! I was a teeny bit scared though…only a teeny bit”                                    At the 360 Degree Chicago, located in the John Hancock Tower, is where people go to get thrilled (tilted) about 1000 meters over the city,  in a glass window. I don’t have Pictures, of the tilt, as typically, photography was not allowed and one is cornered into buying garishly bright, flash bombed overpriced pictures, which we refused to buy. Though the panoramic views and pictures from the gallery were awe-inspiring!

This is the window where we Tilt. I had butterflies in my tummy when we actually inclined, (getting bizarre Final destination scenarios in my head) but the Little one was Rock-solid and enjoyed himself! 


“I’m thankful that we got to see snowfall in November!” Having never seen a snow-fall, its not hard to imagine the ecstasy that little one felt seeing the cotton-wooly shower from the Sky, the very first snow fall this winter in Chicago, which was in itself an unusual occurrence around Thanks-giving, making it even more fortuitous. The Winter-wonderland that Chicago turned into soon after, was literally icing on the cake. Despite freezing cold, our hearts were warmed seeing the young one’s joy making snow-balls, kicking snow-balls (since he considers himself a soccer player, Ha) and making a snow angel (Brrr)!  Truly, simple joys of life!

Shedd Aquarium:

“Dolphins are so amazing and so is the giant alligator turtle,  and the sea horses are so cute!” Of course, he loved the aquarium. Who doesn’t?! What’s not fascinating about a largely alien world with such marvelous under-water creatures. The grand slam of the tour was the Dolphin show, Dolphins being such fascinating and jolly creatures! There were sea lions on the show who entertained the little ones and almost all present were squealing in delight! 


“Its so big, Daddy! It looked so small in the pictures!” Having heard of it while planning and seen the pictures, the Bean or the Cloud-gate, didn’t seize to amaze! When later, in a drawing class, the kids were asked to do a free-drawing, our little one chose to draw this…

…his memory of the Millennium park tree, the bean and the skyline of skyscrapers in the Windy city!

Zoo Lights, Christkindl Market and the Chicago River walk:  

Little one is a trooper and though he said it only after coming back, he enjoyed the river walk and city walk and said, “I wish we could everyday walk to breakfast, by the river- side, back home!” 

We loved the Zoo-lights, of which, we could get just a glimpse, since it was off-limits, for a private party on the evening we visited. Nonetheless, got few good shots!

Christkindl Market was all twinkling and sparkling and colorful, what with all those baubles and ornaments! It was paradise and not only his favorite, but our’s too!    

…& then there was the Food!

Garrett’s Popcorn!

Stan’s Donut’s

Pancakes and Breakfast at Wildberry:

Mindy’s Hot Chocolate: 

One thing he did “not” dig (into) was the famous Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza

Can we blame him? It was just too over-whelming, the size of the slice! Let’s be frank… it was delicious, but let’s call it a pie, please. With two layers of bread, tons of cheese and oodles of filling its not anyone’s conventional pizza. Our little one, like me, is a picky eater and could manage to nibble just a quarter of a slice! All the rest was packed for our mid-night feast, since the jet-lagged family was up and hungry middle of the night, every night! 

Let’s wrap up by saying that he had an incredible time. Despite the odds of freezing weather, numb hands, heavy boots, and the massive jet lag etc, he enjoyed the furlough. It was special because he knew what to expect, was part of the planning and the execution.  He had opinions and views which as a parent was so forthcoming and heartening. We understand that as they grow up, they may not remember everything from a childhood trip, but having been exposed to new experiences, kids get a wider horizon and gain confidence.   

Let me know your inputs. Do you travel with children? How old are they? And aren’t you making memories for a lifetime? 


  1. Nana & Nani says:

    What an experience our Krishna had … beautiful pics of an amazing trip with so lucid description of a variety of things – ice skating, 360 degree experience…Best is his hand-drawn graphic of Chicago.

    1. Ruchi says:

      Thank you Nana! 🤗

      1. Prashant karwa says:

        Wow !! I guess no one can put this in such a beautiful way that you have did !! Excellent !!

      2. Ruchi says:

        Thank you Prashant! Really appreciate!

  2. Nafisa Shakir Batta says:

    The compelling story telling is an art which sits well with you. Ive travelled to familiar territories and completely unknown places with my kids, first bundle as early as 25 days of age , and second at 45 days of life. Many of my travels with my kids were without my husband, at least till my youngest turned 5. Kids ride the wave of excitement and awe with smiles and power naps, with no unnecessary parallelism that today adults are weighted with . The emphasis for me was always on little things and the gift of undivided time, sure its hectic but it’s satisfying. I myself look back at pictures, narrating a small interesting story to my inquisitive daughter, who often feels slighted by her elder brothers greater opportunities of travel, given the five years age gap.
    I’m so happy your trip shaped up this way .. it’s the true travel spirit and familial bond, in both you and your husband, that will teach and inspire Krishna at each furlough and I turns translate to meaningful experiences of your own.

    1. Ruchi says:

      Wow. You’re reply is a story in itself. Thanks for sharing and I admire your spirit, your travels and the stories! The kids definitely grow in their experiences and world view. Thanku you for sharing your thoughts! 😘

  3. Chinna Dua says:

    Beautiful pics and post. Totally agree. We too have had many memorable trips with our girls. You really are gifted with the power of writing and clicking. Wish you many many more memorable trips. Merry X mas and happy new year

    1. Ruchi says:

      Thank you so much Mam! Really appreciate your input. No fun than being with family!

  4. Geetanjali Nanda says:

    A tale beautifully told stays with you forever.
    Loved every bit of the write up. I have travelled with my two sons all around and it’s always amazes me how easily kids get acclimatised to new places.
    Both my sons loved seeing the snow for the first time on our Bhutan trip…. the little one was ace animal spotter at the age of two years when we went to Kruger national park last year, he could identify each and every animal at the age of two.
    From Brazil to Australia the elder one remembers the countries travelled and monuments seen at the age of seven.
    So truly what books teach you to imagine, travel teaches you to touch and feel, breaks the myths and open the minds.

    1. Ruchi says:

      Wow! Loved reading this! I couldn’t agree more with your last lines..

  5. Tabasheer says:

    Just wow!
    The pictures and the write up.
    Looks like stepping into a fantasy land.

    1. Ruchi says:

      Thankyou Tabasheer!

    2. Ruchi says:

      Thankyou Tabasheer

  6. Shweta Baliyan says:

    Wowww! This is just amazing! Such a detailed description! Nothing could b better than this for d ones traveling with their kids for d first time! Loved reading it!

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