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Author: Ruchi

A recently christened 'Mommy', Medical professional by occupation, explorer by heart for all things exotic, be it food, fads or faraway lands and partner in crime with my vagabond husband, whose passion for exploration knows no limits. Though also a medico by profession, he loves trip planning almost as much as the travel itself and could really pursue this as a carreer! We love nature and though we land in a big city always, we quickly drive out to the country! This blog aims to be a compilation of our travels (not wanting the memories to fade), our experiments with foods and beverages ;) and sharing everyday novelties of life...especially with an adventurous young tyke amidst us! Most of the trips have been as a couple but we'd decided long before conception, that travel can never stop. So post the baby, it's the baby carrier which is an essential item on the travel list which has helped us traverse the underground caves in vietnam, bylanes of bali, sauntering in the central park or hiking in the Swiss Alps! And then there are the Fockers...both sets of in-laws, who have been our travel companions on some of these journeys which makes things even more interesting while balancing everyone's whims n fancies! So i hope this can inspire some of you guys to keep going too...