Two nights in Munich- Part Ein!

Ah, Munich! Aptly described as the city of Beer & good cheer! Day1- Delhi to Munich (june 2015) After an uneventful flight, we landed in Munich at 6:00am, nearly 7 hours before the usual check-in time. Since we had only 2 nights to make the most of Munchen, we decided to power through the day, afterContinue reading “Two nights in Munich- Part Ein!”

Summer of 2015- The Plan!

So the travel pangs began…it had been 9 months since the last big holiday and the urge of being in a different land, amidst foreign folks, breathing a lungful of exotic aromas was too overpowering! So hubby and I started casual chit-chat about which continent, which country. what sites we would love to see andContinue reading “Summer of 2015- The Plan!”

Königssee & to Füssen

Day3 –  Narrated by Sriram After first two relatively touristy days spent in Munich, it was time to head to the road! We woke up early for breakfast full of apprehension as a long day beckoned. But first we trouped down for breakfast… Our second morning breakfast at Laimer hof was fantastic thanks to SebastianContinue reading “Königssee & to Füssen”

Fall foliage trip-New England region- 2012

We have been obsessed with the fall colours for as long as I remember…seeing them on TV, movies, cards, calendars…but never having experienced it live, as Delhi, or the northern part of India, barely has any classical “seasons”…being limited with very hot and dry, long summer months, few rain showers in the name of “Monsoons” and hardlyContinue reading “Fall foliage trip-New England region- 2012”

Spanish Siesta… Arrival at Madrid…June 2009

By Sri. Spain brings warm sunny and lazy siestas to mind.. Partying with sangria and tapas.. White villages.. Flamenco.. I made a fanciful plan of biking Andalusia, with family -dad, mom, sis, n DW…searched and found a conference in Spain, but alas, the timing of the conference coincided with peak summer..    I then thoughtContinue reading “Spanish Siesta… Arrival at Madrid…June 2009”

Lake district bit of Uk tour- 2010

By Sri. Next day we regretfully left Mr Paul Burroughs and Ivy house behind, to start our trip to Lake district..  While looking up Lake district, I had spent a, huge amount of time trying to figure out where to stay… most hotels and B&bs were too expensive, as we would have to book twoContinue reading “Lake district bit of Uk tour- 2010”

London, Cotswalds & Lake District part of our UK trip…Summer of 2010

By Sri. The London and Cotswolds  part of our UK trip (summer 2010) Our family of five, started our trip from london, ..  We had this division of uneven numbers… which proves difficult while trying to find accommodations in Europe!  I had repeatedly warned parents and DW to pack light… Little did I know thatContinue reading “London, Cotswalds & Lake District part of our UK trip…Summer of 2010”