You are here! It’s Serendipity.

What are the chances? In this boundless expanse of the World Wide Web, you stumbled upon us and that’s something! I do believe in connections, life-long or fleeting, between family, between friends, acquaintances we greet through life, strangers we meet at airports or in the supermarket, neighbors that chose the same locality in the entire world, to make their home, the strangers we choose to follow on social media (who might be sharing bits and moments from another corner of the planet), or even the eye-contact with strangers on a street. Amongst the billions that populate the world, those who get to share fleeting few moments or a lifetime together were meant to be, linked through some unseen cosmic connections spanning lives and times. So, thank you, and welcome!

We recently came across the German word ‘Gemütlich’ – translated as a feeling of warmth and amiability to all, which describes my state of mind as I publish this post.

We are a Generation X couple, living an Uber cool life in a hot city where we expertly juggle our jobs, an increasingly demanding (pre)teen, and managing a nuclear household in New Delhi, all without any screaming or meltdowns! While the last bit may not be true… what’s a fact is that we preserve our sanity and live day to day, always dreaming and planning our next getaway!

Pretty early on, in our married life, we discovered each other’s passion for traveling and living to explore the world and its bounty! Passionate nature lovers, and wine enthusiasts, most of our trips involve some hiking, biking, lush wine countries, and gorgeous pictures on the way!

So all you genial folks out there, flip through the pages, walk with us, and enjoy some amateur photography. These trips may not be path-breaking, but every trip is special, planned meticulously by dear darling, and always a bit off-the-beaten-path!

Bonne journée!

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