Wine country trail –Napa and Sonoma Valleys- Sept 2008

By Sri. What do you visualize when you think of Wine country- green sun kissed hills, grape vines everywhere, rustic sceneries etc.. Well that’s what DW thought when I started planning. We were travelling to San Francisco for a conference, and she insisted that we visit Napa Valley.  Little did she know, the ground realities- wineContinue reading “Wine country trail –Napa and Sonoma Valleys- Sept 2008”

A family vacation to England 2010- Scotland

How this trip started.Dear Hubby wanted to do a gastro tour of the UK n scotland. We had been planning a holiday with my in laws since forever… So finally, our friendly neighbourhood trip planner started off..Initially DH wanted to do Edinburgh, Speyside and some isles as part of a whisky trail.. I let him dreamContinue reading “A family vacation to England 2010- Scotland”

Origin of this winter trip to the West Coast of US.

Our last trip ( Dec- Jan 2011-12) was born on an ordinary, really hot, july evening..when my “dear babes” tells me.. ” Why dont we go somewhere in the winter… we always seem to travel in the summer”. “Good idea”, Says I. “Where shall we go?”  “Wrap your plans around a Christmas in San Francisco, andContinue reading “Origin of this winter trip to the West Coast of US.”